The Let Down of Manifestation and The Realisation of the Heart

          ‘It’s been revealed quite clearly that a dreamer’s dream can only be

          Reality, If two dreamers dream’

          Youngbloods, ‘Dreamers’ Dream’, from the album ‘Earth Music’, 1967

The Let Down ‘Template’

The most fundamental response of a mother to her baby, after birth, is the let down reflex.

The let down reflex is mechanically and chemically connected to the muscles and hormones supporting the breast and stimulating the production of milk.

In addition to these functions, the esoteric function of the let down is connected to a new level of engagement with emotion – or e(nergy)-motion, the subtle movement of energy and fluid through the mother’s body, especially around her heart and breasts. ‘The Milk of Human Kindness’ teaming the functional nutrients with the nectar of bioenergy: where energy and fluid are experienced together, time slows, and biodynamic phenomena are observable. In my earlier paper ‘Beyond Nutrition’ it is clear that nature supports a baby’s mother during breastfeeding to establish, develop and mature the baby’s bioelectromagnetic field within the ‘shared space’ of meeting and being, following the response and delivery to baby’s thirst.

While this esoteric function is connected to subtlety and the fine energy associated with bioelectromagnetism, it does not mean it is obscure or unknown.

Men and women the world over and for time immemorial are familiar with this experience as falling in love and ‘realising’ what being a parent means as a ‘response’ to their child – this fall into love is connected to their ongoing and appropriate ability to respond – their capacity – (related to responsibility which, being more mental, can feel more overwhelming).

Men absolutely can have an emotional let-down in their heart and chest. It is just that with women and breastfeeding this e-motion is conjoined with and has the added organic gravitas of a flow of milk.

The arrival of the let down can feel like a standing wave of emotions, an absolute gamut of feeling of every conceivable (as well as inconceivable) kind. And this gamut can sometimes happen in one to three heartbeats..

The source of the nutrients mothers use to make milk seems to be stored in the back of mothers’ thighs. The subtle energies which ‘turn’ at the clavicle (shoulder) to create this flow, seem to have come from here and then drop down across the breasts and through the whole chest front.

Let Down Misunderstood

When mothers are full of feelings in the very early days with their baby and there has perhaps been trauma or shock around the birth, instead of allowing these feelings to join this wave and wash through, a ‘block’ can inadvertently be created due to misunderstanding (in the case of shock this is more protective physiology) and the wave banks up behind the block creating what appears to be more and more distress, as well as blocked ducts, sore nipples and a range of other physical issues.

It is of vital importance to new mothers and those around them that the Let Down is understood for what it is: huge and fantastic waves of emotion that only need help not to be stopped. Contrary to the popular phrase, it is natural and esoterically functional to cry over spilt milk: it honours the truth of the feeling of let down and overflow, even when that particular meal is lost.

‘Not stopping’ specifically involves slowing down and allowing mother to name any feelings and worries or concerns or anything on her mind, without emphasising anything other than her and her presence as being important.

This is NOT a mental process, but we can quiet our minds by helping them to understand their role in identifying what is happening, by reassuring and allowing.

With a mother allowing over and under supply, beautiful and dark feelings, pain and pleasure, attending to whatever is stopping her and moving with herself when the movement comes the let down can become more and more of a steady-state. A consistent ‘golden’ zone where mother and baby can meet in peace and love is undemanding and simply given.

The universality of this experience and sharedness that mothers who experience the esoteric let down have is often erroneously understood as a loss of self-confidence or ego. Paradoxically any mother feeling low on confidence can take heart – the perception of low confidence is often a cue that they are already where they are meant to be. Confidence builds with new experience: mothers are in a new ‘field’ not governed by previous expectations and experience.

Beyond Self Realisation

The rising and falling of subtle energy and fluid follow a similar wave which turns at the top of the throat, roof of the mouth, when it is the ‘self’ which is being realised.

For many thousand millenia this latter emphasis on the self has obscured this other more universally available esoteric flow. By turning at the shoulder, this wave of milk is bringing into reality, not the self of the mother, but the connectedness and humanity of her heart.

Direct Manifestation

The Let Down and the capacity to ‘tailormake’ milk specifically for each baby – generating different meal sizes, fat contents, fluid contents, frequencies – associates this esoteric function with the capacity to manifest.

As a mother is growing a baby, growing her heart, she is channelling the very substrate of life and its creativity in its purest form. Confirming that a baby’s emotion and flow can be met in all ways, without effort.

True Responses

If the Let Down is treated as a template for the true nature of all responses, it begins to point to the possibility that it is Cosmic energy, channelled through us, which is designed to Respond to another’s feeling. Not as a demand or a pressure or even a delivery but as a confirmation, a manifestation that all is ordered and ready and available. Not necessarily delivered by the response alone but by the cosmos as a whole, manifesting in the response.

Life energy flows through us, of course, and happens along the way to meet our own needs, but if we are manifesting – this understanding clarifies that what we want, and what can perhaps offer most fulfilment, will arrive through others. A bigger circulation confirming and supporting our own internal circulation.

It is time to realise we are not meant to realise our hearts alone. We can meet our needs and realise ourselves through the grace of cosmic energy teaming with our own. But once we realise our responses are a confirmation of others’ feelings. We no longer need to manufacture artificial ones, and can honour and respect and venerate each and every response any human we meet brings.